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Hello everyone! My name is Molly Gulden and I am the brand and marketing director here at White Chiropractic. I have been with the clinic since February of 2021, starting out as a receptionist on Fridays. The amount of growth that I have experienced, and still continuing to experience at White Chiropractic is amazing! If you told me in February that I would have gone from just a Friday receptionist to performing shockwave therapy on patients to being the marketing and brand director, I would not have believed you.

My Experience w/ the Practice

When first getting into the chiropractor realm, I honestly did not know much about what chiropractors do. I always thought they just cracked backs, and it was just an extra medical expense that was unnecessary. After being a part of the practice I have learned the importance of spine health, strength exercises, and tune-ups. I personally have struggled with bad posture my whole life, which has always created a sharp pain in my neck and upper back. With just one adjustment, I felt an instant relief of pain that I had been experiencing for as long as I could remember. I cannot express how thankful I am for Dr. White for not only solving my back problem but for the education on proper posture so that I could have a long-term solution to what I was experiencing.

In regards to shockwave therapy, I was introduced to the machine here at the practice in March. Being the designated shockwave therapy specialist on Wednesdays, I have seen so many injuries and have dealt with many patients that were coming to the clinic with long-term pain. It is such a good feeling seeing that these patients are able to get relief and solutions to their injuries with the shockwave therapy that I was performing on them. I’ve seen people who were never able to even raise their arm above their shoulder now being able to do that after treatments. This past week, in particular, a patient of mine finally got to a point where she had the most knee flexion in years! The most rewarding thing is being able to help patients relieve the pain that they have carried with them- whether that be the pain they have had for a day or years!

Personal Life

I’m just three weeks away from graduating with my Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies, with a Digital Media emphasis, as well as minors in Business and Public Policy! I’m getting this degree from Eastern Oregon University located in La Grande, OR. I spent 2.5 years there running cross country and track, doing the 5k and 10k! Distance running is my absolute favorite. When COVID-19 hit and our track season got delayed, I decided to move back to Boise to get settled down and figure out what career path I wanted to pursue since I was on track to graduate early. That is when I landed here at White Chiropractic! I’m seriously so so blessed that I get to work my dream job, along with having the sweetest co-workers. In my free time, I love to explore local coffee shops, read, listen to podcasts, and watch my favorite lifestyle YouTubers. Wintertime is coming up and I cannot wait to hit the slopes as well! I also love all things design-related. Oh and cooking! There is just something so special about cooking a meal with someone. It hits different.

Let’s Wrap it Up!

Anyways, I hope that everyone is enjoying the blog posts and will enjoy the future ones too! If you guys have any health-related topics for Dr. White, leave them in the replies on any of our blog posts and we will be sure to do them. We want to make this a space for people to get their questions answered, and also a place for education so that we can rid of the bad stigma around chiropractors as a whole. Make sure to give this post a like and tune in next Thursday for another blog post:)

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