Is There a Quick Fix For Disc Bulges?

“Pain” is usually the number one reason a patient presents to our office. Let’s face it. No one ever wants or enjoys pain. Even the elite athletes who claim they enjoy it typically only enjoy the adrenaline rush pain presents but they do not want to live with it. So naturally, as providers, our numberContinue reading “Is There a Quick Fix For Disc Bulges?”

Let’s Talk About Vitamin D.

Do I Really Deed to Take Vitamin D? Once viewed as a waste of money vitamins are changing the landscape of health care. It only took a pandemic, pharmaceutical companies, and desperation to live to convince us that supplementing vitamins or consciously seeking them out in our diet is essential for survival. If you’ve beenContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Vitamin D.”

Is Chiropractic Treatment Good for Sciatica?

I would be filthy rich if someone gave me a dollar for every person that comes into our office with low back pain that radiates down their leg (sciatica). Probably one of the most common reasons someone visits our office or any chiropractic clinic is for sciatica. Low back pain that shoots into the buttContinue reading “Is Chiropractic Treatment Good for Sciatica?”

How Much do Chiropractors Cost in Boise, ID?

How much does “it” cost? This is the most awkward question presented to a doctor, but certainly one that must be addressed at some point during care. It is up to us as business owners and health care providers to understand that everything does have a price and what a person values when it comesContinue reading “How Much do Chiropractors Cost in Boise, ID?”


This is the age-old question that continues to evolve as healthcare evolves. Ask any of my patients and they will tell you Dr. White jokes about not being a “real doctor”. Is this what I believe? Obviously not, but I’ve brushed off the nasty stereotypes about the chiropractic profession and have developed my own lightContinue reading “ARE CHIROPRACTORS REAL DOCTORS?”

Shoulders… “You Can Do That?”

Sarah came into the office yesterday as she normally does every couple of weeks.  She’s an avid golfer who prefers and relies on regular care to stay at the top of her game.  We are just one of her tools in her arsenal of providers so when she mentioned that she has been experiencing shoulderContinue reading “Shoulders… “You Can Do That?””