How Much do Chiropractors Cost in Boise, ID?

How much does “it” cost? This is the most awkward question presented to a doctor, but certainly one that must be addressed at some point during care. It is up to us as business owners and health care providers to understand that everything does have a price and what a person values when it comes to their health is entirely subjective. I know how much a visit in my office costs; however, when I meet a new person in a public place the answer is not always so simple. The best answer. I can produce is the cost of chiropractic care can vary from $29-$400/visit or sometimes even more.

Like every other healthcare profession, the cost of chiropractic care varies for a variety of reasons in Boise and the surrounding Treasure Valley. Reputation of the provider, how busy the office is, is insurance involved and the depth of evaluation and treatments offered, are just a few of the vast differences in cost. Like most other professions, you will find that the majority of practices will be very close in cost with only a couple of practices creating the “outliers” in the range.

Typically when presented with this question I typically defer to my staff who understands out pricing structure, the patient’s insurance benefits and readapted to answering questions far better than I am when it comes to the cost of chiropractic care in Boise.

Quality of Care

The biggest determining factor in the cost of chiropractic care in our city is the quality of care. Do you want to just get your back “popped” or do you want met o utilize my 8 years of education and provide you a diagnosis, appropriate treatment, and accurate prognosis? If you just want your back popped then you can do that for $29 at a couple of places around the valley, but you put a lot of risk on the line if you choose this approach.

People will spend $50 on a dinner or $200 on a pair of designer shoes, but when it comes to their healthcare, many would prefer the cheapest option available assuming all healthcare is the same and equal. These are my favorite from patients– The soccer mom that woke up on Monday with a kink in her neck rushes to the cheapest place in town, is in and out of the office in 10 minutes, then presents to my office on a Tuesday now with pain shooting down her arm. Now I get it, soccer moms and everyone else in today’s society are very busy with little time for inconveniences, but had that Starbucks touting, Lululemon model spent just a little more time vetting her choice she may have prevented the lengthy and painful treatment in front of her aching neck and arm.

If you want fas-food then expect that quality. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the quarter pounder too, but when it comes to my body I will pay for the steak dinner. This is more likely to be better for my body than that quarter pounder in the long run.

Reputation of the Doctor

This one is a big determining factor and it usually correlates with the next topic “how busy is the office?” I will tell you right now that if you want to see. a well-known chiropractor, you are going to pay more than you would for the new kid, fresh out of school. As professionals, we spend our lives honing our craft. Some more than others will spend countless hours researching the latest medical journals, treatment modalities, and tech to improve patient outcomes. Obviously better outcomes and quality of care will produce amazing reputation allowing the doctor to set their prices however they want. The popularity of a clinic is directly related to patient outcomes and marketing efforts. You can have one without the other so it is important to read Google Reviews and also reach out on social media. Chances are one of your friends has seen the doctor you’re considering and they will provide an organic opinion of their experiences. Relying solely on Google, Yelp, and Facebook reviews is naive as these reviews can be bought and paid for.

How Much Does a Chiropractor Cost Without Insurance?

Insurance regulations guide this answer if the clinic accepts any kind of insurance and with the rising costs of healthcare, education of the doctor and overhead most offices cannot afford to be
“cash only.” If they accept insurance then legally, they can only offer around 20% reduction in costs and services. Private insurers want to make sure that they are not paying more than the soccer mom who showed up with a crisp $100 bill and if the doctor is offering huge discounts to cash paying patients while charging insurance companies more than they are practicing fraudulently. If they are cash only practice plan on $29-$400. Remember you get what you pay for.

How do Chiropractors Charge?

We charge just like all other providers. Since we are covered by every major insurance including Medicare and Medicaid, we follow similar billing practices using Current Procedural Terminology (CPT coding) A typical chiropractic visit will consist of 3 codes typically.

  1. The Exam: Depending on how complex your problem is this can range from $50-$250
  2. The Imaging: Diagnostic imaging is it’s own world when it comes to billing but it usually only required on the initial visit X-Ray $50-$200 depending on medical necessity MRI $600+
  3. Treatment: This is where costs can really vary. A typical adjustment will be $30-$100 in Boise but if they use other treatment modalities then plan on another $50-$150

The complexity of questions like “how much does a chiropractor cost in Boise” is why I usually defer to my billing staff. One of my mentors told me “Travis does’t make medical decisions for patients based on what you think they can afford. Present them with the most cost-effective treatments that are NECESSARY and let them make the choice. It’s not your health nor your checkbook!” To this day, that is what I practice and may be the reason our office is the Best in Idaho for the last 3 years.

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