This is the age-old question that continues to evolve as healthcare evolves. Ask any of my patients and they will tell you Dr. White jokes about not being a “real doctor”. Is this what I believe? Obviously not, but I’ve brushed off the nasty stereotypes about the chiropractic profession and have developed my own lightContinue reading “ARE CHIROPRACTORS REAL DOCTORS?”

Meet Molly- Our Brand & Marketing Director

Hello everyone! My name is Molly Gulden and I am the brand and marketing director here at White Chiropractic. I have been with the clinic since February of 2021, starting out as a receptionist on Fridays. The amount of growth that I have experienced, and still continuing to experience at White Chiropractic is amazing! IfContinue reading “Meet Molly- Our Brand & Marketing Director”

Shoulders… “You Can Do That?”

Sarah came into the office yesterday as she normally does every couple of weeks.  She’s an avid golfer who prefers and relies on regular care to stay at the top of her game.  We are just one of her tools in her arsenal of providers so when she mentioned that she has been experiencing shoulderContinue reading “Shoulders… “You Can Do That?””